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Chip Walter – Just Checking in…

Chip Walter - Just Checking in...

By my count I've covered 50,000 miles, butchered phrases in five languages, eaten roughly 20 bad airline meals and been lucky enough to see some of the most stunning countryside you can imagine in five countries that border three oceans ...

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A Few Words About Last Ape Standing from NPR’s Robert Krulwich

A Few Words About Last Ape Standing from NPR's Robert Krulwich

On his blog recently NPR's Robert Krulwich had a few kind words for Last Ape Standing, and expanded on a passage in the book imagining what it must have been like when our direct Homo sapiens ancestors first encountered Neanderthals ...

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Why Success and Happiness Aren’t Linked the Way You Thought They Were

Why Success and Happiness Aren't Linked the Way You Thought They Were

You aren't going to believe this, but there is no direct link between success and happiness. And there is plenty of science to prove it. Now what? ...

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Even if I did have to put on a suit and tie, I still consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to address the scientists and UNICEF management from around the world who attended the conference. Credit: Ray Stubblebine for UNICEF.

A Great Opportunity to Work With UNICEF and the United Nations

The New York Times review of Last Ape Standing led to Chip's opportunity to work with UNICEF to help develop programs designed to protect the world's children from emotional trauma.

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Kirkus Review on Last Ape Standing: “Engrossing.”

Kirkus Review on Last Ape Standing: Engrossing.

Kirkus Review says Last Ape Standing stands up well. An "engrossing, up-to-date account of human evolution." See what others like New Yorker Magazine, Booklist, William Shatner and Ray Kurzweil had to say at

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William Shatner on Last Ape Standing – Cheers!

William Shatner on Last Ape Standing - Cheers!

"I read Last Ape Standing sitting down then I stood up and cheered. It's that good!" -- William Shatner

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This is where E.F. Quick is headed. Can you spot him in the photo?

The Misadventures of Ernest Fletcher Quick Keep Rolling Along and Now He's Met Teddy Roosevelt

Mr. E. F. Quick has been a very busy man over the past few weeks. Haven't been keeping up? 21 episodes now available, & meeting Teddy Roosevelt is only part of the trouble.

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The New Yorker Magazine Calls Last Ape Standing “Engaging and Fascinating”

The New Yorker Magazine Calls Last Ape Standing Engaging and Fascinating

It's never a bad thing to get a great review, especially when it comes from a legendary publication like The New Yorker Magazine, bless their hearts!

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Last Ape Standing Dispatch from Spain

Last Ape Standing Dispatch from Spain

Most recent dispatch from a Last Ape Standing -- Some images from Chip's most recent trip for National Geographic Magazine in Spain.

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Neanderthals: Why Did We Make It, When They Didn’t?

Neanderthals: Why Did We Make It, When They Didn't?

Amid speculation over a 'Jurassic Park'-like return, the question remains: Why did they vanish in the first place?

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The First Artists – National Geographic Magazine

The First Artists - National Geographic Magazine

For more than two years Chip Walter travelled to locations in Africa and Europe for the National Geographic Society to track down the roots of our creativity. Learn what he discovered...

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Chip at the Petit Pont in Paris, September 2013.

Chip Walter's Gardenville Short, Short Stories

Earlier this year I found myself writing little stories about my boyhood. They were part reminiscence and part imagination-mongering.

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At last you have made your way to the website of Chip Walter. (Try to control your excitement.) If you’re a curious person – and your discovery of this site attests that you are – then you’ve arrived at the right place. Go ahead, browse…

Chip is a journalist, author, filmmaker and former CNN Bureau Chief. He has written four books, all of them, one way or another, explorations of human creativity, human nature and human curiosity.

Last Ape Standing 3D coverHis latest book, Last Ape Standing, has been getting terrific reviews and selling like Kanye West t-shirts! The New Times Book Review called it “a lively journey.” The New Yorker, “engaging … sheds a fascinating light on our evolutionary success,” and Kirkus Reviews, “engrossing.” It is also a Chautauqua Institution Literary and Scientific Circle selection — the nation’s oldest book club. If you order now, you can receive a 34% discount. Who doesn’t like that?

Maybe you’ll agree with writer, inventor and thinker Ray Kurzweil that, “Nearly every page offers something that will surprise or intrigue you. Read it. You’ll never see yourself or anyone else the same way again.” Available in hardback at bookstores everywhere and online at, and

Explore this site further to learn about Chip’s current assignment with, and travels for, National Geographic Magazine. And check out something entirely different – Chip’s new serial novel, The Misadventures of Ernest Fletcher QuickThe first episodes are available online at and, but you can also download them free here right now to your Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook, tablet or phone. If you love comedy, history and adventure, you’ll enjoy every episode!