William Shatner on Last Ape Standing – Cheers!

William Shatner


“I read Last Ape Standing sitting down then I stood up and cheered. It’s that good!”

William Shatner


The first time I spoke with Bill Shatner I had a horrible case of the flu and I was doing everything I could to sound reasonably intelligent and healthy. My agent had put me in touch with him to talk over writing a book about the technologies of Star Trek. Despite my illness, we hit it off right away and that conversation led to I’m Working on That, a book we co-wrote about how many of the technologies envisioned for the 23rd century world of Star Trek were already coming true in the 21st century.

In the coming months we travelled all over the country and talked to some of the smartest, most fascinating thinkers and scientists of our time. You should have seen the looks on their faces when I would walk in with Captain Kirk :-). The most amazed of all might have been Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon University who later wrote and talked about the meeting in his famous and moving The Last Lecture.

I had tons of fun writing the book with Bill. It’s stilling selling! But the best part of the whole project for me were the air plane rides, and drives to all of the cities we visited, and the dinners and great conversations we had at the end of a long day. Wide-ranging, funny, always interesting.

You can read more about me and Bill’s excellent adventure as we researched I’m Working on That here.


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