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Disney Comes to Cave Art on National Geographic Assignment

Replica of Chauvet under construction

It’s not every day that you get to step into a time machine, but Chip Walter got the chance when National Geographic Magazine sent him with photographer Stephen Alvarez to France last May to become only the second journalists allowed to enter legendary Chauvet Pont d’Arc Cave in the south of France, home to some of the oldest and most beautiful ancient cave art in the world.

Last Ape Standing Is a Nook Daily Find!

Last Ape Standing book cover

Last Ape Standing will be featured as a Nook Daily Find at this March 28th! Pick up the book the New Yorker called “engaging” and “fascinating” for $1.99. One day only, though.

The Last Ape Speaks! Human Evolution Never Had So Much To Say

Last Ape Standing 3D cover

Who says apes can’t talk? The audio edition of Chip’s popular book on human evolution, Last Ape Standing, is now available on Amazon, at and in the iTunes store.

If you haven’t had the time to read the book, but listening fits your schedule better, just download the audio version for $13.96, and go back in time and into the heart of the beast we call us.