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So here’s the update…Chip&Oscar Discuss LAS
Last Ape Standing has been doing very nicely.  It’s been received with universally great reviews from the traditional press, online websites, and, most importantly, the folks that  plunked down their hard-earned money to buy the book. Here’s a short sampling of some of the remarks reviewers have made over the last several months:

220px-South_African_Giraffes,_fightingTo keep up to date on my travels for National Geographic, please check in at or right here at I’ve been trying to post both pictures and reports. If you can, check  the ATH and/or Author – Chip Walter Facebook pages as well. (I’ve been trying to post more pictures there too.)

My research has so far taken me to Africa, London, Oxford, northern Spain, Lisbon, France and the ancient Danube Valley of Germany. Along the way I’ve dodged baboons, side-stepped puff adders, and come face-to-face with some of the most magnificent ancient human art in existence. By my count I’ve covered 60,000 miles (better than two circuits around the planet), butchered phrases in six languages, eaten roughly 30 bad airline meals and been lucky enough to see some of the most stunning country you can imagine in six nations that border three oceans and four seas. I have had to pinch myself regularly to see if this is all really happening. So far so good!

In addition to this piece (the publication date of which is a ways off; stay tuned), a couple of articles related to Last Ape Standing appeared in some other great publications like Slate Magazine, the Wall Street JournalPopular Science, Brain World magazine and Scientific American. The Wall Street Journal also interviewed me. Check it out, or listen to a few other interviews here.
And if you care to visit you can view a talk I gave to at the Chautauqua Institution this past summer. Last Ape Standing was chosen by the institution’s book club (the oldest in the nation) as one of its selections. If you’ve never visited Chautauqua, there’s no place quite like it. Beautiful, restful, but loaded with the most interesting people, lectures and entertainment. Truly unique. You can view the talk here.

Finally, we are in discussions about a book based on Keep your fingers crossed! We’ll keep you updated. And — big news! – I’ve launched a serial novel online; something fun for the summer entitled The Misadventures of Ernest Fletcher Quick. Nothing at all like my science writing, but a fun read from boudoir to battlefield. I think you’ll love this character. Nothing but trouble. You can check out all of the details on this site. Just click the tab at the top of the page that “Quick.”
Thanks for all of your support and good wishes!


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