Chip Walter’s Gardenville Short, Short Stories

Chip at the Petit Pont in Paris, September 2013.

Earlier this year I found myself writing little stories about my boyhood. They were part reminiscence and part imagination-mongering. I write them mostly for my own amusement, but I suspect that others of you may have also lived in a place like “Gardenville” and had friends in your life like Paul, Mickey, Larry and Mary who one way or another were woven into the fabric of every summer, winter, fall and spring. Those days were magical and filled with adventure, joy and surprise the way childhoods are, which is why I enjoy remembering and embellishing them.

Even if you didn’t grow up where I did, and when I did, we’ve all grown up so I thought you might enjoy them too. Anyhow, as I complete them, I am posting them my site.

They are very short, a few hundred words, mostly. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed scribbling them.

You can find the first four here…or periodically check my blog for new ones.

The Whistle

The Remarkable Memory of Billy C.

Konrad Backman and Mr. Irig’s Special Day

The Facts of Life


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