Extra! Ernest Fletcher Quick is Coming!


Controversial Reminiscences Revealed!

After years of painstaking editing and research, the memoirs of one of the great journalists (and cowards) of the 20th are finally coming to light. This Monday July 15, 2013, David Patrick McQuade (also known as science author Chip Walter) will be publishing the first episode of The Misadventures of Ernest Fletcher Quick (Volume 1). Despite their controversial nature, subsequent episodes will be released each week, one at a time.

“I’m conflicted about bringing these memoirs to light,” said McQuade in a begrudging interview. “I am worried that some people may be shocked by Quick’s blunt observations, not only about historic figures like Theodore Roosevelt and Joseph Pulitzer, but about himself. And then there is his shocking revelation about the destruction of the Maine which led to the Spanish American War and the U.S.’s emergence as a global power. But I felt I had to make them public.”

A huffy McQuade would not elaborate any further, saying the memoirs speak for themselves. He added that it will be easy for people to download each episode from www.chipwalter.com beginning July 15. The first four will be free. “If people wish to continue to follow Quick’s misadventures (he certainly had plenty), I guess they can decide if it’s worth two bits.” Subsequent episodes will cost 49¢ each (two “bits” is two quarters).

Other paid versions of multiple episodes will also be available on the 15th at Amazon.com, and BarnesandNoble.com. Free single episodes will  be available through online store Kobo.com and iTunes.

The easiest thing to do, according to McQuade, is to visit www.chipwalter.com/Quick July 15th. “Everything anyone needs to know will be there,” McQuade/Walter said, a little crankily. He then hung up the phone.


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