Last Ape Standing Is a Nook Daily Find!

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Last Ape Standing will be featured as a Nook Daily Find at this March 28th! Pick up the book the New Yorker called “engaging” and “fascinating” for $1.99. One day only, though.

A Short, Short Story About The Facts of Life

I remember the day Johnny McDermott told me and Mickey and Larry the facts of life. It was a summer afternoon, the papers had been delivered and we had finished playing a little basketball at the light pole on Linda Drive.

Johnny was a touch older than us and had always been a little “advanced” for his age. He said he had seen Art and Sue “do it” the night before in the bushes over by the rail road tracks, not far from the trestle above Gardenville Road.

“Do it? “I asked.

“Yeah, you know, DO it!” He said with emphasis, and then he went on to explain the verb “do” in graphic detail.

“No way!” I said, stunned beyond belief. “No way did St. Joseph and Mary do that on Christmas Eve in the stable.” I had apparently not figured out the finer points of the timing and gestation required for birth just yet.

Johnny just gave me a wry and all-knowing smile. (I guess he hadn’t worked out all the timing kinks either.)

I got up in a huff and said, “Well no way Joseph and Mary did THAT. And definitely no way my mom and dad did!”

And then I stomped across the Shuey’s front lawn and home.

Favorite Extra! Ernest Fletcher Quick is Coming!


It’s been a long wait, but the controversial and rollicking memoirs of Ernest Fletcher Quick will be released here on Monday July 15, 2013. David Patrick McQuade (also known as science author Chip Walter) says he plans to release an “episode” a week. Details on how to download each chapter in the misadventures will be available on the 15th at

Chip Walter – Just Checking in…


By my count I’ve covered 50,000 miles, butchered phrases in five languages, eaten roughly 20 bad airline meals and been lucky enough to see some of the most stunning countryside you can imagine in five countries that border three oceans and four seas.