Episode Two of the Misadventures of Ernest Fletcher Quick – “Ozymandias” Now Available Free!


These guys are here to remind yous  that a new, free installment of The Misadventures of Ernest Fletcher Quick is locked and ready for download — Episode 2 – “Ozymandias.”

(To learn more about Episode One and the “Quick Papers” – visit www.chipwalter.com/Quick.)

This week–the events that launched the young school teacher out of his fledgling career as an educator (a little too much of an educator, it turns out) at Loyola Preparatory School into his unlikely career as a famous (and scandalous) journalist/adventurer. In this episode you’ll also meet Fr. Lanahan and the stunning Ellen Morgan. It opens this way…

“It’s not as if I had set out to get the boot from Loyola Prep. I was innocent really; the victim of a wickedly beautiful 17-year-old who had skin like porcelain, unworldly blue eyes and a body as perfectly proportioned as Venus Di Milo, except with a head, and arms.”

To download the new episode, just visit www.chipwalter.com/Quick. On the right side of the page you’ll find the download links. 

If you own a Kindle or use Kindle eReader software on your computer, iPad, tablet or phone, click the link that reads “Kindle” to download your copy.  If you use other Non-Kindle eReaders (Nook, Kobo etc) or eReader software (Kobo, iBook, Nook, Stanza etc.) for your computer, iPad, tablet or phone, then click the download link that reads “Other.” Easy!

Below the download area we offer lots of other resources to make reading EFQ’s misadventures easy.

Thanks to all of you, We’ve gotten off to a “Quick” start! As of Sunday morning we were exceeded 400 downloads of installment 1 – “Rough Riders.” If you haven’t yet downloaded and read “Rough Riders,” please do. It sets the stage for all the other episodes that follow. It begins this way…

“You know it’s odd, but I had never noticed, until right before the charge up San Juan Hill, how truly immense Teddy Roosevelt’s teeth were.” 




To read the episodes on a tablet, phone or computer you need eReader software. It’s easy to download and its free and we have links right on the same page where you download episodes of Misadventures. Once you have it on your device you won’t need to download it again. Just scroll down the page to the section that reads: “Need an eReader for your phone, tablet or computer?” Click the link that will take you to the software you prefer – Nook, Kobo, whatever. These linkS will guide you to software for what ever kind of device you’d like to load it on. There’s no cost or obligation, and it’s painless. 

Still not sure, check our “Quick Reads” FAQ here. Most of your questions should be answered. Or drop us email at Quick@hlandp.com and we’ll try to help.



Episodes of Misadventures are also available at online bookstores like Amazon, BarnesAndNoble.com, Kobo.com and (soon) iTunes. However, in the case of Amazon and Barnes and Noble, I am required to charge a minimum price – $2.99 on Amazon, 99¢ on Barnes and Noble. Since I was forced to charge a minimum price, I have provided multiple early episodes at these two stores. Installments 1 through 3 at Barnes and Noble here, and 1 through 4 at Amazon.com here. Links are also provided on the Quick download page.

If you have a Kindle or Nook eReader or eReader software, you could go to those stores and purchase the multiple episodes today rather than wait for them to come out over the coming weeks. Your choice. 


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Hope you enjoy episode 2. Thanks for joining in the experiment! Let me know what you think. Just drop an email to Quick@hlandp.com.


David P. McQuade (aka Chip)

PS If you’re new to E. F. Quick’s Misadventures visit www.chipwalter.com/Quick.



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