A Few Words About Last Ape Standing from NPR’s Robert Krulwich


National Public Radio’s Robert Krulwich has been bringing science and off-beat critical thinking to the world as a writer, correspondent and commentator for decades. On his blog recently he had a few kind words for Last Ape Standing, and expanded on a passage in the book imagining what it must have been like when our direct Homo sapiens ancestors first encountered Neanderthals…

What Happened When Humans Met An ‘Alien’ Intelligence? Sex Happened

“We have dreamed about it for so long. We’ve told stories, made movies, imagined what it would be like when we humans have our first “close encounter” with an intelligent alien, a creature about our size, who can gaze back, talk (even if we can’t understand what’s being said) who can scare us, thrill us, make us feel its mind. Who wouldn’t want a moment like the one in E.T., when the little alien puts out his finger? But that’s the movies.

We now know how big the universe is, how far the stars are from each other. Just as I was getting used to the idea that even if there’s intelligent life out there, there’s no way we’ll ever be able to find the light years to get together, I opened Chip Walter’s new book, Last Ape Standing, and discovered — it’s already happened.

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